2 thoughts on “6.1 game of life using different update timing

    1. David O Post author

      Thanks for this link, Nazim. It’s good to know that there is still work going on on asynchrony in CA models. In chapter 6 of the book, we cite your earlier papers:
      Fatès NA and Morvan M 2004 Perturbing the topology of the game of life increases its robustness to asynchrony In Cellular Automata (ed. Sloot P, Chopard B and Hoekstra A) vol. 3305 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science Springer Berlin / Heidelberg pp. 111–120.
      Fatès NA and Morvan M 2005 An experimental study of robustness to asynchronism for elementary cellular automata. Complex Systems 16, 1–27.

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