9.1 the difficulty of inferring process from pattern

This is an implementation of the model described in

Cale WG, Henebry GM and Yeakley JA 1989 Inferring process from pattern in natural communities. BioScience, 39, 600-605.

which demonstrates the challenges involved in inferring processes from patterns.

Click on the image to download and save the model NetLogo file. You will need to install NetLogo to run this file.

2 thoughts on “9.1 the difficulty of inferring process from pattern

  1. Gary Nelson

    How are the files downloaded? When I click on an image, a file opens with code, but there is no way to save it.


  2. David O Post author

    Gary – you should be able to right-click on the images and then depending on your browser get an option to save the linked file. In Firefox the option is ‘Save link as…’ Even better, if you want to download all the models, go to the “Model ‘zoo'” page (linked from the navigation bar at the top) and down near the bottom, you will find a link to a zip file containing all the models in one archive.


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