1.2 Galton board

This model simulates a Galton board, which demonstrates both the central limit theorem of statistics as it relates to additive processes, and also the expected displacement associated with a 1-D random walk.

Click on the image to download and save the model NetLogo file.  You will need to install NetLogo to run this file

4 thoughts on “1.2 Galton board

  1. William Chivers

    Thanks David and George for this wonderful book!
    My question: When I click on the image for model 1.2 I get a .png image rather than a .nlogo file – was this intended?

  2. David O Post author

    Apologies for the delayed reply William – and thanks for the kind comment! We got a lot of spam on here for a while until I fixed the filters, so I wasn’t checking for comments for a while. Also… I just relocated to Berkeley. Anyway, this page now fixed. I’ll fix the chapter 6 links in a bit too. By the way, you can also get all the models in a zip file from the main ‘model zoo’ page. – David

  3. RG

    Hello there,
    I am trying to access the model above and it still does not seem to be there.
    Also, would you be kind enough to point to the ZIP folder where ALL the models are as you indicated? It would be nice to have them all in a single downloadable folder.


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